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A radio-controlled combative robot we made to amuse ourselves, and spectators, for the Robot Wars competition.

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Building robots is dangerous to your wealth.

You should not build a robot unless you are supervised by a responsible wife .


Joker is a four-wheeled drive radio-controlled trolley. Our weapon consists of a stainless steel sharpened blade which is welded to a steel shaft which runs transversely through our robot. A powerful geared motor turns this shaft through a torque-limiting clutch. The weapon is deployed by pushing the blade under our opponent and lifting them clear of the floor. Stainless steel side-spikes dissuade our opponent from ramming Joker yet we may spin quickly and inflict damage to any competitor within range of these spikes. Should we be thrown by a lucky opponent then Joker will run just as well inverted. Damage to the weapon mounts is prevented by the clutch which will allow a small quantity of slippage.

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